What Is The Average Bra Size In America?

by Paulette Leaphart

There is a direct relation between bra and breast. The women choose the bra size according to their breast size. Well, it’s half the truth. You have to know the cup size too. That means if we find the average breast size and average cup size, we can quickly know the average bra size in America, right?

An average bra size is just a number, and it is determined by both breast or band size and cup size. The larger the band or breast and cup size, the larger the bra would be for women in different countries. For instance, the average cup and bra size in Finland is 34DD, UK is C to D, and in India, it is B. So, you may be interested in knowing the average bra size in America by age, weight, and height?

Your height doesn’t have any role to play in determining the bra size. But your age and weight (actually BMI) play a crucial role in determining the bra size.

Anyway, in this content, we will try to know the average bra size and its ideal size. Just keep reading, you are going to know everything about bra size and all other important matters of this fact.

Average Bra Size For 10 – 16 Year Old Girl

What Is The Average Bra Size
What Is The Average Bra Size

American boys and girls, likewise their worldwide counterparts, go through a lot of confusion regarding their sudden changes in physical attributes and mentality. However, in general, girls go through most changes and stresses during their preteen and teenage periods as their body changes, particularly with their breasts starting to develop rapidly.

Hence, parents and even girls keep asking us questions like, “What is the average bra size for a 10 year old? Or they ask, “What is the average bra size for a 14 year old?”

We understand the reasons for parents’ and girls’ query and their tension too. We have prepared a detailed guideline on the average bra size for girls from 10 to 16 with a progressive year in the discussion. We talked with the top bra manufacturers in the US and child specialist physicians to prepare this bra size guideline.

It would quickly clarify your confusion about the bra size, cup size, and whether your breast development is right.

What Is The Average Bra Size For A 10 Year Old?

Now that we know how and when girls’ breast starts developing, it’s time to identify the average bra size of different ages for girls.

At this point, you have to note that girls don’t need to wear a bra as soon as their breast starts growing. In fact, they can live happily without bras until their breast is prominent and visible from outside. So, they don’t need to wear bras at their 8 and 9 years old stage.

But, most probably, American teens will wear a bra by the time they become 10 years old. Although your body weight and BMI affect bra size, we may find an average breast size and average cup size for 10 years old to determine their bra size quickly.

Usually, the average bust size for 10 years girls would be 30-32, and cup size varies from AA to A through B. Thus, the average bra size would be roughly around 32AA to 32A for 95% of girls.

What Is The Average Bra Size For A 11 Year Old?

We realize that bra size will depend mostly on your body structure and how early you start developing. Yet, different lingerie manufacturers and surveys found that the average bra size of an 11 year old is around 32B.

But many girls have as large as 34B bra sizes by the time they reach 6th or 7th grade. So, there is no conclusive answer to this question. On average, girls will have a bust size from 30 to 32, and their cup size varies from A to B. Girls with cup size C and bust size D are rare at this stage unless they have unusual physical development.

What Is The Average Bra Size For A 12 Year Old?

By the time girls reach 12 years old, their breasts will be in the middle of their development. However, it won’t change vigorously from their one year earlier stage. Hence, we estimate that girls at 12 years old will need 32A, 32B to 34A bras mostly.

But, it can still vary due to heredity and BMI. Also, you need to realize that the same cup sizes for different bust sizes aren’t similar. For instance, 32B bras have slightly smaller cups than 34B cups, although their actual cup size is B. So, you have to be on your toes to measure the right breast size for the best fit at this time.

What Is The Average Bra Size For A 14 Year Old?

The average bra size in America for girls 14 years old varies significantly. Their bust size varies from 32 to 34, mostly with average cup sizes differing from A to B.  Nonetheless, a few girls may have a faster growth rate and may need cup-sized C.

Also, at this stage, the melons will perhaps stop growing further. So, girls can finally settle to a fixed bra size for the next couple of years.

So, you can anticipate that more than 50% of 14 years old girls in the US will wear 32B to 34B bras, with a small portion needing 32C or 34C bras.

What Is The Average Bra Size For A 15 Year Old?

Girls during this stage will have almost fully developed breasts. Also, their body development will be higher at this period. We found that 15 years old girls in America wear mostly C or C+ cup sizes with bust sizes varying from 32 to 34. Only a few girls may need a bra size of 36B or C.

What Is The Average Bra Size For A 16 Year Old?

Girls should have fully grown breasts now. So, they will have to leave their teen bras and start wearing adult bras.

The actual cup size will vary from B to D, with bust size going up to 36. We already have a detailed discussion on the average bra size of adult Americans, and it is usually 34D to 36C. Thus, you need to fix your bra size properly to get the right fit. It is crucial since incorrect bra size will cause breast pain and physical stress too.

You may find the detailed bra measurement chart here.

Increase of Average Bra Size In US

Increase of Average Bra Size In US
Increase of Average Bra Size In US

Yes, it might be surprising for you, but American women’s actual bra and cup size has increased, particularly in the last three decades.

As I mentioned earlier, the average cup size in US is 34DD. But it was not the same only 20 years ago. A 2013 research by Intimacy (America’s premium lingerie retailer) was published in HuffPost. It showed that the average American breast size was 34B during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It shows that their average size has increased significantly, by BB.

It happened because more and more Americans are choosing breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgeries to size up their breast and cup size by 1” to 2”. A 2018 research on breast enlargement in the US and Europe showed that 3,13,000 breast enlargement surgeries were performed solely in the US in 2018.

If you have recently gone through breast enlargement, wearing a bra for augmented breast would be your best choice. It provides better protection to your breast and ensures protection right after cosmetic surgery.

What Is The Appropriate Size For My Body?

There is no perfect bra size in this universe that is perfect for all women. It is not possible also. But the size and shape of your body can say the appropriate size of your breast. The appropriate measurement is also not so easy without the help of a plastic surgeon or a gynecologist. Anyway, primarily four standard body shapes are found, and we express here the breast size that complements best to the different body shapes.

First of all, pear-shaped bodies it is the common feature of a female’s body structure. The hips are wide and but the waist is defined. Usually, the moderately sized breast complements best this body shape.

Secondly, apple-shaped bodies are also commonly found. This kind of woman usually has a broader lower body and waist. That means the lower portion is broad than the upper part. For these women, fuller and sizable breasts are suitable and help balance the body shape’s proportion.

Thirdly, other types of women are found whose bodies are proportional to the upper and lower portion. The body shape is known as hourglass-shaped bodies, and for the small to medium size, breasts are ideal.

Finally, rectangle-shaped bodies are also mostly found. And these types of women have the uniform upper part and a lower portion also. The fuller size breasts are ideal for these kinds of women and make them curvy.

Average Bra Size In Different Countries and Regions

Since bra size is directly linked with body weight and BMI, it varies from one country to another. T happens because the actual body measurement such as weight and BMI of women is different in various regions worldwide.

For instance, the average cup size in most Asian countries and even in France is A. Hence, women in these regions wear padded and push-up bras to size up their breasts. Cup size B is found mostly in Russia and Brazil.  Further up, cup size C is found among women mostly in Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

American women have the largest average bra size sitting at 34DD and at times going up to DDD. That’s freaking astonishing!

Average Breast Size by Age, Height, and Weight In America

You definitely know the average bra size is different from the different countries. Similarly, the average size of all aged women is also not the same. The average size of teenagers is one, and the average size of middle-aged women is definitely a different one. Finally, the average size of menopausal women is not the same as the teenagers and middle-aged. But if you want to know the whole average, it is 34DD in America.

Age is a fact for breast size. You may have known the breast starts to develop when the age is 7. And the development lasts up to the last day of completing puberty. Usually, the last age of puberty is 14-17. Within the time puberty is completed. And at the time, the complete development of breasts also occurs. That means the breast size is not the same during puberty as the development is not done yet.

Average Breast Size
Average Breast Size

After completing puberty, the size of the breast is also not fixed. Can you say why? Let me explain. Your height can increase up to the age of 25 because it is the last age of the epiphysis and diaphysis (Of long bone) to fuse. On the other hand, your weight is not also fixed as it may increase or decrease at any time. The weight depends on the lifestyle and diet also. That means your BMI (BMI= Height in miter square/ weight in kg) is not always fixed. And you should know the breast size can vary according to your height and weight.

Then come to the point of the menopausal period. There have many studies done on the topic of breast size. And it is revealed that menopausal women wear a larger bra size than other women. After starting menopause, massive hormone changes have occurred in the body. And at the time, the body tends to gain weight day by day. Naturally, the breast also increases in size at the time. That is why usually the larger bra size is found in menopausal women. That means now it is cleared that the bra size of all ages is not the same and why.

Nonetheless, the other two factors affect the average bra size of women. These factors are-

  • Average cup size: Cup size is determined by the difference between bust size and band size. The bust size is calculated by putting the measurement tape right over your breast and nipple while covering the whole back. And the band size calculation is done by putting the measurement tape right below the bust. However, in 1993 the average cup size in the US was B. In 2013 it has increased to D or DD, mostly. Even new statics show that in 2019, the average cup size rose to DDD in America.
  • Average band size: We have already known that band size is important to determine your bra size. Surprisingly, the average band size in the US and worldwide has increased too. In America, the average band size is around 34, whereas, in the early 1990s, it was 32. Part of it is attributed to the rising BMI of women. Also, obesity in American women is another factor that has triggered their band size increasing so rapidly.

Breast Size Chart by Country:

Country Continent Cup Size Range 1-5
Algeria Africa B 2
Angola Africa B 2
Benin Africa A 1
Botswana Africa B 2
Burkina Faso Africa A 1
Burundi Africa A 1
Cameroon Africa B 2
Cape Verde Africa B 2
Central African Republic Africa A 1
Chad Africa B 2
Comoros Africa A 1
Congo (DCR) Africa A 1
Congo, Republic of the Africa A 1
Cote d’Ivoire Africa A 1
Djibouti Africa A 1
Egypt Africa B 2
Equatorial Guinea Africa A 1
Eritrea Africa A 1
Ethiopia Africa B 2
Gabon Africa B 2
Gambia, The Africa A 1
Ghana Africa B 2
Guinea Africa A 1
Guinea-Bissau Africa A 1
Kenya Africa A 1
Lesotho Africa A 1
Liberia Africa A 1
Libya Africa B 2
Madagascar Africa B 2
Malawi Africa A 1
Mali Africa A 1
Mauritamia Africa A 1
Mauritius Africa A 1
Morocco Africa B 2
Mozambiques Africa B 2
Niger Africa A 1
Nigeria Africa A 1
Rwanda Africa A 1
Sao Tome & Principe Africa A 1
Senegal Africa A 1
Sierra Leone Africa A 1
Somalia Africa B 2
South Africa Africa B 2
Sudan Africa A 1
Swaziland Africa A 1
Tanzania Africa A 1
Togo Africa A 1
Tunisia Africa A 1
Uganda Africa A 1
Western Sahara Africa A 1
Zambia Africa A 1
Zimbabwe Africa A 1
Afghanistan Asia B 2
Azerbaijan Asia B 2
Bahrain Asia A 1
Bangladesh Asia A 1
Bhutan Asia A 1
Brunei Asia A 1
Burma Asia A 1
Cambodia Asia A 1
China Asia A 1
Georgia Asia C 3
Hong Kong Asia A 1
India Asia B 2
Indonesia Asia A 1
Iran Asia B 2
Iraq Asia B 2
Israel Asia A 1
Japan Asia A 1
Jordan Asia A 1
Kazakhstan Asia B 2
Korea, North Asia A 1
Korea, South Asia A 1
Kuwait Asia A 1
Kyrgyzstan Asia A 1
Laos Asia A 1
Lebanon Asia A 1
Malaysia Asia A 1
Maldives Asia B 2
Mongolia Asia A 1
Nepal Asia A 1
Oman Asia A 1
Pakistan Asia B 2
Philippines Asia A 1
Qatar Asia A 1
Russia Asia DD 5
Saudi Arabia Asia B 2
Singapore Asia A 1
Sri Lanka Asia A 1
Syria Asia B 2
Taiwan Asia A 1
Tajikistan Asia B 2
Thailand Asia A 1
Timor-Leste Asia A 1
Turkministan Asia B 2
United Arab Emirates Asia B 2
Uzbekistan Asia B 2
Vietnam Asia A 1
Yemen Asia A 1
Armenia Asia/Europe C 3
Cyprus Asia/Europe B 2
Turkey Asia/Europe B 2
Albenia Europe C 3
Andorra Europe C 3
Austria Europe D 4
Belarus Europe A 1
Belgium Europe C 3
Bosnia & Herzegovina Europe D 4
Bulgaria Europe D 4
Croatia Europe D 4
Czech Republic Europe D 4
Denmark Europe D 4
Estonia Europe C 3
Finland Europe DD 5
France Europe C 3
Germany Europe D 4
Greece Europe C 3
Hungary Europe D 4
Iceland Europe D 4
Ireland Europe B 2
Italy Europe C 3
Latvia Europe A 1
Liechtenstein Europe D 4
Lithuania Europe C 3
Luxembourg Europe D 4
Macedonia Europe B 2
Malta Europe A 1
Moldova Europe B 2
Montenegro Europe C 3
Netherlands Europe D 4
Norway Europe DD 5
Poland Europe C 3
Portugal Europe B 2
Romania Europe C 3
Serbia Europe C 3
Slovakia Europe C 3
Slovenia Europe C 3
Spain Europe B 2
Sweden Europe DD 5
Switzerland Europe D 4
Ukraine Europe C 3
United Kingdom Europe C 3
Bahamas North America A 1
Barbados North America A 1
Belize North America B 2
Canada North America C 3
Costa Rica North America C 3
Cuba North America B 2
Dominica North America A 1
Dominican Republic North America B 2
El Salvador North America A 1
Grenada North America B 2
Guadaloupe North America B 2
Guatemala North America A 1
Haiti North America A 1
Honduraas North America A 1
Jamaica North America B 2
Mexico North America B 2
Nicaragua North America A 1
Panama North America B 2
Puerto Rico North America B 2
Saint Lucia North America A 1
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines North America A 1
United States North America DD 4
Australia Oceania C 3
Fiji Oceania A 1
New Zealand Oceania B 2
Papua New Guinea Oceania A 1
Salomon Islands Oceania B 2
Samoa Oceania A 1
Vanuatu Oceania B 2
Argentina South America C 3
Bolivia South America A 1
Brazil South America C 3
Chile South America C 3
Colombia South America D 4
Ecuador South America B 2
Guyana South America A 1
Paraguay South America B 2
Peru South America A 1
Suriname South America A 1
Trinidad & Tobago South America A 1
Uruguay South America C 3
Venezuela South America D 4

Summary for Bra Sizes

Summary for Bra Sizes
Summary for Bra Sizes

Men and women believe the perfect size breast can increase the attractiveness of the body of the women. And yes, it is very much true. What is the other average bra size is not so much important than having the perfect size breast or your own? You can also decrease and increase the size of your breasts as the size and shape you want to look at it. But care for the breast is necessary. Wearing the right size bra according to your breast size is also a care for your breast. Did you know it?

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It’s me Emily MacKenzie tried to make a documentary film about breast cancer according to the experience of Paulette Leaphart. Now it is no longer possible for some reason. But I’m not disappointed and I’m very hopeful that I can do something very positive that brings awareness to the women of the devastating disease ‘’Breast cancer”. Just stay with me and keep supporting this platform; you will get update time to time and can know everything about ‘’Breast Cancer’’.