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Dear Supporters of the “Scar Story” Documentary,

I am writing to you all in an effort to keep you up-to-date and in the loop for the production of this documentary. As you already may be aware, after spending the initial days on the road, our team quickly realized that the project would have to open up to include stories of additional women; not merely Paulette. In light of this reckoning, we decided to pivot our focus and rework the film into a more comprehensive portrait of post breast cancer realities in order to weave a tapestry of many Scar Stories. I wanted to share that transformation so that you understand that, while we’re still making a documentary entitled “Scar Story,” it is now going to incorporate many voices and stories of individuals as they navigate their lives after diagnosis. In an effort to change the discourse around breast cancer, this film will offer alternative narratives to the mainstream depiction of ‘pink survivorship.’

After that first week, it became abundantly clear that it was not going to be a possibility to film with Paulette moving forward. I am sad to report that while we were with her on the road, the environment became hostile and unsafe for my team. We realized the distressing truth that the terms under which we had agreed to film the documentary were false and that we would be in a compromised and legally liable position to stay on the road any longer. In good conscience, I could not keep my crew on the road. Hence, we are not filming further with Paulette.

After considering the options for several weeks, we have decided to carry on with a documentary – continuing to open up the project to be inclusive of the untold stories and voices of women (and men) after a breast cancer diagnosis. In doing so, we believe that our film will be an honest, empathetic, and necessary depiction of the realities of this devastating disease.

Though I am disappointed that our original endeavor did not materialize as planned, I remain inspired and excited to redirect our efforts in order to help tell stories of women whose voices deserve to be both heard and championed. For those of you who financially supported “Scar Story” via Kickstarter pledges, I am more than willing to return your donation if you do not want to support the project as it is evolving. Since we are no longer making a documentary about Paulette Leaphart and her walk, I completely understand if you have no further desire to support our filmmaking endeavor. That said, we are continuing to make a documentary that focuses on many of the same themes and issues we initially set out to explore. If you wish to discuss the circumstances surrounding our decision to change course, please email me directly and we will find a time to talk. My personal email address is memilymack@gmail.com and I welcome you to reach out to me directly.

As documentarians and filmmakers, our ambition in this project has been to elevate stories of grace and resilience. Utilizing our craft and expertise, we approach the concept of Scar Stories with a sense of idealism through which we hope to make a positive impact. We are excited to see what journey lies ahead of us.

Again, thank you all for the continuous support and understanding as we carry on with our work


Emily MacKenzie

About the Author

It’s me Emily MacKenzie tried to make a documentary film about breast cancer according to the experience of Paulette Leaphart. Now it is no longer possible for some reason. But I’m not disappointed and I’m very hopeful that I can do something very positive that brings awareness to the women of the devastating disease ‘’Breast cancer”. Just stay with me and keep supporting this platform; you will get update time to time and can know everything about ‘’Breast Cancer’’.